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Youth & Education

Answering the country’s needs of the future

The city of Haifa sees as one of its highest priorities the promotion of science and technology. As home to two first class universities – the Technion and Haifa University – as well as Israel’s first technological park which includes such brands as Intel, Microsoft, Yahoo, QUALCOMM, Amazon, General Electrics, Philips Medical, to name a […]

Empowerment & inclusion

The Ofakim (Horizons) School provides high quality education for 90 severely handicapped children and young adults, age 7-21. The school utilizes the educational standards used by Israel’s Ministry of Education, including passing the matriculation exams and preparing the students for the adult world. Ofakim’s mission is to educate the students to be autonomous, self-directed adults […]

Achva Sports Club

Achva Haifa Club was founded 55 years ago as a place for Jewish and Arab kids to experience an example of active co-existence. Today some 700 youngsters, from age 3 to adulthood, participate together in sports according to their age group. They pay basketball and soccer, learn karate and boxing, and together achieve great heights […]

The New BOSMAT – Answering the Needs of the Future

Once forced to close when its highly sought after training was no longer needed, the time has come for this household name to re-open with a renewed curriculum and purpose. The New BOSMAT will train excellent professionals to meet the demands of industry and the military in the 21st century. Established in 1933, BOSMAT was […]

Orchestras, Ensembles and Choirs at the Samuel Rubin Conservatory

The Samuel Rubin conservatory was founded in 1949 by Dr. Tzwi Rotenberg, a person of great vision and foresight, who managed to gather around himself a nucleus of professional classical music teachers, mostly Holocaust survivors, devoted to promoting musical education to the younger generation. As time went by, the conservatory grew larger, opened new programs […]

Developing an Early Childhood Robotics Program at the Mada Kat

In today’s world, developing a love of science and technology is critical for success in school and in many future careers. The earlier that youngsters are introduced to the world of scientific experimentation, the more likely they are to enjoy and succeed in these fields in the future. Scientific exploration and investigation come naturally to […]

Language as a Cultural Bridge

Language is many things. It is the basis of interaction and communication; it serves as a bridge among people; it furthers understanding and acceptance of one another; it is the key to understanding another’s culture; it is power in the marketplace. Yet despite the fact that Arabic is one of the country’s two official languages […]